How to promote social networks for /ourguys


Perhaps the social network with the most screwed up censorship. Facebook, as you may know have the word “face”, which means that this site is most suitable for the development of your personalpage. Your, “personal brand”.

Your personality should be expressed not only in your photos, but also in the text. The text should not be read from an abstract third person, but your presence should be felt in it. With your opinions, your experience, your life stories and your feelings. People love personalities.

It is also worth noting that if all the other social networks from this article allow you not to write any text at all, then this skill is vital for a successful Facebook page. Selfies alone will not help you. In FB, it is necessary to feel the soul of the masses promptly (for example, immediately after a loud event) to make a texts that would catch him.

Don’t forget to attach your uncensored social media to Facebook.

Further. If you sometimes thinks that you are not capable to write beautifully, this is nonsense.

Photos. Facebook doesn’t need professional studio photos, but mostly selfies. Not a photo of yourself against the background of a carpet, but colorful selfies from a trip, for example. If your lifestyle is somehow different from the ordinary average citizen, that’s great. Hint – most of the right-wingers do some kind , civic peaceful activism . Take a photo!(Don’t forget to blur the face ) When signing it,try to avoid the mournful “went there, did this”. Ad more creativity, humor, jokes. “The evil right-wingers staged a rally, you can read about this in my telegram channel”

Also keep in mind that Facebook has a mostly adult audience (if not old) – this will be your main fanbase. Therefore, fewer memes, and complex humor. Imagine running a page for your father or grandmother. Facebook is an idealistic social network that values ​​patriotism and active citizenship. Less right-wing ideas (here they are banned for this), more boomer love for the homeland in posts.

Efficiency is also important on Facebook. There is a chance that your post about the fact that some prisoner was released will get a thousand or views if you post it quickly as one of the first. And if you are already 50th in the top, then no one needs it anymore. Naturally.

Don’t forget about comments. Roughly speaking, the more shitpost there is in the comments, the more impressionable will be your post in the feed. Provoke boomer discussions. Try to generate fresh thoughts, rather than repeating something that has already been chewed 1000 times.

Negative example. Some kind of talks about white identity or, vaccines they don’t really respect this on Facebook, leave it all for Gab and Telegram we only use what is effective). If the author went over what kind of dictator Lukashenka is or “it’s good that Biden won he will destroy America faster”, it would be much more rational. Confuse liberals and make them check your alternative social media accounts. If any of our messages correlate with messages on Facebook that liberals and national democrats use , use them. And that for which you will be banned – do not use. It would seem that everything is simple, but somehow it’s needs to be explained.

Positive example of what to do.

Posts like “Lukanhesko is a tyrant, ACAB, all races are equal, donate to peaceful revolution in Belarus (link u monero wallet and your telegram” and in your telegram you of course can explain you real positio. Make people understand that majority of people are really think this way and there is actually nothing to worry about.Appeal to you audience and make them comfortable and optimistic.


Nominally a messenger, but actually a social network. Telegram,of course, is good because of the absence of left-liberal censorship. But, from all other platforms in this article, it is distinguished by the fact that there is no recommendation feed in the Telegram, which makes it almost impossible to promote the Telegram channel without financial investments (practically). For example, if someone’s post on Facebook has become popular, you will see it even if you are not subscribed to this person. In Telegram, you can’t see a post from a channel to which you are not subscribed only if someone sends it to you in a personal message; or if someone will drop it into the chat where you are sitting; or will be re-posted by the channel you are subscribed to. Moreover, any reposts in a telegram bring only few subscribers, so it is important that they have reposts. but they are not a tool for channel growth. We will discuss the mechanics of channel promotion later, but now let’s talk about the features of a good group.

Consistency. Consistency is the base of the overall success of any blog in each of the social networks, but in Telegram especially. Any day without posts immediately triggers unsubscriptions, so don’t be lazy to post regularly. To do this, you can, for example, use a clock “scheduled message”, to prepare several posts for the future.

Use statistics. It is already built into your telegram channel. There you can see the number of reposts in order to understand what is coming to your audience. Include comments. In Telegram, they do not have the same power as in Facebook, but you will understand what your subscribers want. You will understand their desires and mood. Plus, people love communities, and if you build your own, they will be more willing to return to you.

If you are an ordinary person, give up named channels. For example, I will subscribe to or NICK FUENTES channel but I don’t need “John Smith”. The channel with your name, no matter how it appeases your ego, will be much more difficult for you to popularize. However, the tips from the section above also work here. You shouldn’t post a selfie with cats, but the subscriber should feel your presence. A normal practice is to write about yourself in the third person. For example, “the admin is not working now, so there are few posts. “Or “admin fixing the car”. People like this very much, believe me. Your channel should feel personally.

Content. The ideal layout is what you are interested in and what you are good at. The subscriber will feel your competence, and if the topic is interesting to you. It is especially good if you manage to occupy empty niche. That it can be – only you know. Do you know the nuances of blacksmithing? This is good example and it will be in demand. And in between posts about the mechanics of forging swords, you can teach your right worldview. It will be more effective than just a right-wing worldview without such an “umbrella” of interesting content.

You can create wholesome meme pages)

Do not call you channels provocatively.

Don’t call you channels “nigger hate or TERROR or some other stupid shit” channels with this names will be banned with a huge chance. Instead use names like black man appreciation club or patriots, De Santis 24 or some other stupid names to to confuse antifa idiots and make people join channel.

Don’t post calls to violence of illegal shit if you don’t want to be banned.

If you want to post some personal information or violent video about someone don’t post it on you main group post link to your second group and second account that will be have this kind of information (:

Further practical advice on promotion.


You can buy promotions from the non speaking groups that will be dirty cheap. 

Actually buying advertising on telegram is not at all affective.

So buy advertisement on instagram or Facebook if in you country people use them. 

I can also give a recommendation from my own experience that in 80% of cases, an advertising platform does not mind making a discount if you ask him about it. Use it.

Use mutual PR. The idea is simple. Find a channel with a similar audience with you, and with similar indicators (subscribers, views) and write to the author with a proposal to conduct mutual PR. Don’t bother the same channel all the time.Do mutual PR – the. forgot about this channel for two or three months. Do not bother the channels that are much ahead of yours in terms of views – this is pathetic and is called info-gypsying.

Lure the audience from another social network.

It can potentially bring a lot of subscribers, but it’s understandable if the social network from which you drive the audience to Telegram is already popular within your circles.From my own experience, I can say that it’s quite easy to raise telegram channel from 2k to 4k in a two weeks, catching up with the audience from our own instagram , and the audience is of high quality, which did not unsubscribe the next day. Don’t neglect any social media. But keep in mind that people on Facebook are less willing to go to Telegrams than from Instagram. It’s all about the age of the audience and its preferences regarding messengers.

I also note that in other social networks (especially in Instagram, and even more in TikTok), a recommendation feed works, which makes it much easier to find a new audience for yourself than in Telegram, where you can break out of the first 200 subscribers (which you can add from your phone book) – rather difficult.

Also remember: it’s not enough just to post a link and write “subscribe to my telegram channel”. People must be motivated to do this. Play on the differences between social media functionality. For example, Instagram has stricter moderation than telegram, and will you be banned there for some kind of video? So put the video on telegram, and on Instagram – a short version, which will end at the most interesting place.Let you subscribers know that they can send their own content and generate trends (be you own star) example street activism, memes, ideas and questions. In general, there is room for your creativity to unfold.

Also remember: it’s not enough just to post a link and write “subscribe to my telegram channel”. People must be motivated to do this. Play on the differences between social media functionality. For example, Instagram has stricter moderation than telegram, and will you be banned there for some kind of video? So put the video on telegram, and on Instagram – a short version, which will end at the most interesting place. In general, there is room for your creativity to unfold.

Exaples of a good telegram channel that you should subscribe to

  1. Fat people hate
  2. visegrad ball 
  3. Bellum acts news


Again – you, your face, your personality. A social network for photos, but the functionality today allows you to climb on only one story. The Instagram audience has recently been watching more and more stories, and less and less – scrolling through the feed, but it’s still not worth scoring on it.

Instagram, unlike Facebook, this place is purely visual. Selfies here are already the last century. Take care of good quality colorful pictures if you twist your account as a person.

I don’t see any more sense – let’s move on to examples. Consider both personal and public accounts.

What subscribe to:

1. StoneToss is a webcomic which contains messages critical of progressive politics and SJWs while promoting ideas that are actually BASED and dare i say RED-PILLED.

2. The Babylon Bee is Trusted Source For Right wing News Satire.

3. Paul Joseph Watson

Center right YouTuber, radio host, writer and an editor basic stuff on instagram and bit more based on telegram 

4.John Doyle 

Content creator who has gained popularity for the his hilarious political commentary and interviews he posts to his self-titled YouTube channel.

Some books and articles on the internet marketing. 


Today’s right-wingers are used to whining about tic-tic, and modern world is all such against us .Our so to speak, ideological ancestors, would go crazy if they could predict that we would have a tools available for promoting the right ideas. And you would be ridiculed if you told them that we do not going through to use this platforms, which allows you to collect millions of views without money. Remember. Instagram was also mocked for being for a “stupid children” And now these same people are frantically trying to promote their account there. Be wiser.

As for the millions of views. In TikTok, unlike the entire previous list, there are golden algorithms that allow you to collect tens of hundreds of thousands of views without any budget (if you have a phone with a camera, it means you are fucking awesome). Even in a seemingly marginal right-wing topic. If 20k views on Instagram is the height of success. That in Tik-Tok is a pitiful result. From the very first video, without promotion, with only one successful idea, you can make a million. All you need is your creativity, as well as the lack of hesitation to shine a bit, even if you didn’t come out as a fuck. In TikTok, in theory, it is possible to make “impersonal” content, but with the greatest success, again, for specific individuals with a specific face.

It was theory, then practice.

Take care of the picture. Remember, visuals rule. 50% of the picture is good lighting. You can even buy a special ring lamp. It costs a penny. Backlighting doesn’t hurt either. 

Next is your appearance. It seems to be obvious, but just in case I will say it. Tik-tok algorithms gratificate beautiful people with symmetrical faces There is a fashion for freaks in TikTok, Do not look like a freak. Wash, cut your hair, dress decently. Go in for sports, be slim and fit, .

Speech. Very important, so work on it. Read more to avoid the type “eee”, “yyy”, “nuuu”, “”. You can read books aloud in your free time. So you will train your speech so that it is more clear, legible, intelligible. By the way, if copywriting courses, as I already said, are fucking for the goyim, then oratory courses are, in general, not a bad thing. Think about it.

Do not record video in one take. If you are too lazy to fuck with editing, TikTok already has a built-in tool that looks like this: hold down a button – speak, release – here’s a ready-made take. Repeat this several times, thereby skipping unsuccessful takes, and also divide the video into abstracts. Each thesis on each separate section of the video can be signed. A video in which there is such an uncomplicated editing + a little text is perceived much better than just 1 minute of your bazaar. This applies to conversational TikToks, in which you can, for example, dump facts against LGBT people.

Follow the trends. It is difficult to explain, but in short – there are trends in TikTok that are updated a couple of times a week. Some of them can be adapted to the right theme. Thus, your video has an increased chance to “enter”, and you don’t even need to create anything (yes, I’ll tell you a secret, I’m not against plagiarism).

Also note that TikTok is best for girls. The girls who are reading this article are texting you – fuck! An out-of-the-box idea for your TT blogging is feminism trolling. You can fuck up on factual matter (fortunately, thematic literature on the Internet, the carriage), you can engage in trolling (examples will be below). Believe me, it comes in all years and will come in for a very long time. Just keep in mind: no slut, ass and boobs. This is on the Internet and without you in bulk.

But, importantly, do not spend too much time there. As, however, and in any other social sphere. If you have some free time, immediately scroll the feed – fight it. This is a sure path to degeneration, no matter what smart publics you read there.

In the end, I urge everyone on the right not to hesitate to shine a fuck. Understand that in this century, as in the past, fucking hasn’t changed. The world is ruled by individuals. The crowd is like a woman. If she likes this damn thing, then she will follow him, no matter what views this damn thing professes. And that’s all we need. Everyone will remember Biletsky or Tesak. And how many young people have they motivated to take the right path. And an anonymous blog, maximum, motivates itself Martins and read Evola.

Leave anonymity, but remember that with deanon comes responsibility for your words and actions. Including criminal. Be elegant in your statements, don’t cross the red line. And if you have overstepped, do not give up your words. As practice shows, in Ukraine this is the best way for free PR – this is litigation.

Last thing. Don’t be demotivated if you get banned. Learn the mechanics of how to bypass the rules and exclude bans. Remember that the current “mainstream” agenda is temporary. Thanks to all of you, caring guys and girls who are struggling with this agenda, our truth will eventually prevail. And for this you need to use all available means.

Examples of a good tik-tok propaganda:

1. A cute Ukrainian-speaking girl trolls feminists. 

2. Music videos with the heroes of our movement like 

3. militaristic aesthetics

Some other materials that would help you to promote your social networks: 

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