“The Great Replacement is a Neo-Nazi Myth!” they say…

Fun fact – if you google “great replacement”, first thing that google algorithms will “explain” to you is that “great replacement is a neo-Nazi conspiracy theory”, but will ad that this theory, for some reason, “taking over the Internet.”

 But we are not some neo-Nazis, and not supporters of conspiracy theories, ain’t we(? Let’s start with the facts.

Great replacement or grandiose replacement in French is a theory according to which the ingenious european population is gradually being replaced by Arabs, blacks and other peoples who live in Africa or the Middle East.

Methods for the implementation of the “Great replacement” are – mass immigration, encouragement of interreligious and interethnic marriages, high birth rates in a migrant environment, as well as low birth rates of Europeans.

The term “Great replacement ” is taken from the novel of the same name by Renaud Camus, although theories with a similar meaning, but different names appeared much earlier. According to Camus’ novel, Muslims that are living in the country are a potential threat and increase in their numbers will lead to the destruction of traditional culture and civilization of Europe .

What the (((media))) is saying 

Pro-Putin media outlet “Gazeta.ru” in an article with a loud title “Preparing terrorist attacks? Why are neo-Nazis dangerous ”literally in the very first paragraphs they wrote :

“On March 15, 2019, mass shooting took place in mosques in the New Zealand city of Christchurch. More than 50 people were killed. The attack was organized by a young Australian, Brenton Harrison Tarrant, a neo-Nazi who published a manifesto on the Internet before the attack entitled “The Great replacement .””

Okay, from the very first words we are informed that the theory of the great replacement is dangerous, because a certain New Zealander staged a terrorist attack and published a manifesto that refers us to the name of the theory.

Why is it not said that Tarrant said during the stream of his terrorist attack: “subscribe to pewdiepie” – a Swedish blogger who became famous for Minecraft letsplay and scandalous racist statements?

Tarrant stated that he was radically influenced by the work of black activist Candice Owens, as well as by the statements of Felix Chelberg, the blogger PewDiePie. After the terrorist attack, pewdiepie remembered numerous scandals in which he was implicated. The blogger has repeatedly cracked jokes with a touch of Nazism and racism, and also used content related to these ideologies.

“So, for example, during one of the streams of the game, Chelberg called his opponent a “damn niggers”,”  wrote Vox at the time.

“In 2017, PewDiePie paid two half-naked men for to hold a card with the words “Death to all Jews” on camera. In the same video, an unknown man dressed as Jesus stated that “Hitler did nothing wrong”,”  The Verge reported.

If you think that I’m trying to say the that pewdiepie is a neo-Nazi, then no. I’m just trying to say that calling grand replacement theory a “conspiracy theory” just because some New Zealander committed a terrorist attack is media manipulation of incredible proportions.

But Russian prop-a-condones are Russian prop-a-condones . Let’s continue

Another very funny moment from “gazette.ru”:

“The idea spread to the media and the right sector (the organization is banned in Russia)”

They did a great thing at Right sector. Nothing is heard about them in Ukraine, but the Kremlin media still scare their flock with horror stories about evil Nazis from the Right Sector (the organization is banned in Russia).

In addition to horror stories about the right sector, the article does not contain a word about the number of terrorist attacks carried out in Western Europe by refugees over the past few years. And according to the Global Terrorism Database, there were 5380 innocently murdered Europeans who were at home, in their native country, which was supposed to provide them with safety. 

The “planetary significance” of the theory of the French far-right is discussed in a study by the Institute for Strategic Dialogue, quoted by The Guardian

 The title of The Guardian’s article is, “White-Replacement Theory Motivates Alt-Right murderers Around the World.”

Article by Rosa Schwarzburg, or (((Rosa Schwarzburg))), if you want. And if we go to her linkedin, we see that Rosa also wrote articles with the following headlines: “There Isn’t a White Genocide ”, “Viktor Orbán is Using the Coronavirus Emergency to Crush Minorities” and “Ghosts of the fascist past”. Also, one of the google results says that Rosa is a freelance Journalist, and also a “researcher of far-right conspiracy theories” An authoritative expert, as you see ) 

But lets go back to the article itself. (((Author))) writes:

The white replacement theory is actually made up of two sub-conspiracies: “the great replacement” theory, which originated in France, and “the white genocide theory”, which comes from the US. Together, the theories are among the most widespread ideologies in far-right spaces, and the primary catalysts of far-right mass violence.

Let’s get back to the genocide of whites later on:

Replacement has been orchestrated by a shadowy group as part of their grand plan to rule the world – which they will do by creating a completely racially homogenous society. This group is often overtly identified as being Jews, but sometimes the antisemitism is more implicit.

“A guilty mind betrays itself Ms. Schwartzburg

By far, there is nothing more interesting in the article. The “fact” that the Great Replacement is a conspiracy theory is perceived by the author and presented to the reader as something self-evident. No arguments proving why this is a conspiracy theory is given in the text. It ends with the most pretentious words:

“The great replacement is spreading like a virus; we must find a way to inoculate against it.”

It’s all lies reeeee” 

“Germans now the MINORITY in Frankfurt: More than half of residents in the city have a migrant background, official figures show”- with these words begins the Daily Mail article for 2017. 

The largest group in the city is the Turks, that made of 13% are here.

And this is 2017 (!). You can imagine how bad the situation is now.

This state of affairs is not something out of the ordinary. Frankfurt has just joined the club of other European cities where immigrants have already outnumbered local residents, including Amsterdam, Brussels, Geneva and London.

A typical street in London.

We will not refer to any right wing sources. We are looking exclusively at the liberal media.

“The Last Days of the White World” is not the beginning of a post from a typical right-wing public. This is the title of an article by The Guardian. The author writes:

We are near a global watershed – a time when white people will not be in the majority in the developed world, including the UK.

Anglo-Saxon whites are already a minority in Hawaii and the District of Columbia. Now they are an ethnic minority in the country’s most populous state, the one most usually identified with the American dream.

As recently as 1970, eight out of 10 Californians were white. Fuelled by immigration at its highest rate since the start of the last century, and higher fertility rates, the Asian and Latino populations of California have risen by almost a third since 1990. At the same time, with limited immigration and low birth rates, the population of non-hispanic whites has fallen by 3 per cent. By 2040, hispanics are expected to be the overall majority in the state.

Where California goes, the rest of America is predicted to follow. At present 72 per cent of the US population is non-hispanic whites; the US Census Bureau predicts they will become a minority between 2055 and 2060.

The United Nations collects and produces a vast array of statistics on population, but produces none relating to race or ethnic origin.

This is an interesting point – that the UN does not consider it necessary in its statistics on the population to pay attention to such an “unnecessary” thing as ethnic origin. The Further the better:

However, the UN’s State of the World Population 1999 predicted that 98 per cent of the growth in the world’s population by 2025 will occur in lesser developed regions, principally Africa and Asia. The most significant reason for this is lower birth rates in rich countries: in 61 countries, mainly the rich ones, people are no longer having enough babies to replace themselves.

The global centre of gravity is changing. In 1900 Europe had a quarter of the world’s population, and three times that of Africa; by 2050 Europe is predicted to have just 7 per cent of the world population, and a third that of Africa. The ageing and declining populations of predominantly white nations have prompted forecasts of – and calls for – more immigration from the young and growing populations of developing nations to make up the shortfall.

That is, you get it? Instead of fighting an aging of population, fighting the reluctance of whites to have children, fighting secularization and modernist tendencies in the Church, the elites of European countries follow the path of least resistance, and solve the problems of negative population growth (which, for obvious reasons, we are beating on economics) simply bringing migrants to their countries. Very convenient

Percentahe of European population older than 65

In 2019, net immigration to the UK reached 185,000, a record high. Immigration Minister Barbara Roche recently announced plans to attract even more migrants.

One British demographer, who did not want to be named for fear of being called a racist, states: “It’s a matter of sheer arithmetic that if nothing happens, non-European citizens will become the majority and whites a minority in the UK. This will probably be the first time that the indigenous population voluntarily became a minority in their historical homeland. ”

But when Whites, even with such caution, makes such statements, he immediately gets an answer. For example, Yasmin Alibhai-Brown of the British Foreign Policy Center, who arrived in London from Uganda in 1972, said that such fears are mostly racist: “Only white people care about this.”

With these wonderful words, I think this article can be concluded. The modern public agenda in developed European countries is structured in such a way that the local white population is afraid to simply declare that they are becoming a minority. Not to condemn this fact somehow, but simply to state it.


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